UK erotica author would love to talk

Well hello out there,

It’s true … I would love to talk to you. Can I lIt’s been a while since my last blog post so I thought it was about time I updated it.

So what have I been doing?  Well … I opened up a Goodreads account and have been making friends on there.  I decided to offer my services as a beta reader and it’s amazing how easily you can make new friends. t’s great speaking to Mia from Hawaii, Elodie from Austria, Jen from Canada, Sophie from the US.  All of us write.  So far I’ve beta’d for Mia on one book, and I’m steadily working through number two.  Elodie’s is next, then Jen’s.  If I take someone’s work on, I take my responsibility to them very seriously and aim to meet the deadlines they give me.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, for example, in my day job I got back to work on Monday after a week’s holiday to find the department I work in slashed by three people and I’m the only one left. I miss them and when people ask  if I’m doing their work, I have to take it on the chin and get on with it.  When real life shakes you by the shoulders it’s difficult to immerse yourself in an alternative world but I have to keep in mind that my time is my time and leave work at work, behind the turnstile.

I’d like to leave you with one thought.  Learn from my mistake

After self-editing book one, ruthlessly, or so I thought I handed it over to be professionally edited in May. een marinating since then, while I re-structured and edited book two.  If anyone reads this, don’t do the same as me.  If you’re writing a trilogy, as I am, and you want to simultaneously release them, as I do, I’d suggest you do this.

Prune them yourself, do the re-writes, have them beta’d and THEN have them edited.  I’ve now made so many changes in book one as a result of the structural changes I made in book two, I’ve wasted my money.  Here endeth the sermon 🙂


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