Definition of Deliciously Dysfunctional

What is your definition of dysfunctional?

According to the dictionary, dysfunctional means something isn’t operating properly or normally.

My definition? It’s down to perspective and how you view ‘normal’. We know it has a different meaning to everybody else so by definition, does that mean everybody views us as dysfunctional?  Probably? Maybe? I don’t have the answer and I’m pleased I don’t.

What I do know, however, that I write deliciously dysfunctional romance. I hit the tropes eventually and yes, I do believe in HEA’s, but it’s the grit and guts of a romance story that I enjoy writing. What’s the point of eating honey all the time? Vinegar may make you wince but it has great cleansing properties.

The story so far … Definition of Flawed.

On 31 October 2017, I released Definition of Flawed with no promotion behind it. Making a small, plosive sound, I uploaded it to Amazon with a rapidly beating heart and prickling skin. I couldn’t believe I’d actually done it. In the space of about a month, I’d written a 38k novella, had a cover made, had it beta read and edited, opened an Amazon account, and learned to format via Kindle Create. Click here and it’ll take you to your local Amazon. 

That was just the beginning, unfortunately.

A technophobe, with very little patience, I was on the phone for hours to various technical helplines. I got there in the end though, and the one thought that kept me going was that I’d only have to go through the various trials of fire once.

Everything seems to be sorted now. Out of the way. Over and done with. And thank goodness for that, because I got very little writing done over the next month.

November and December were busy. I spent those opening Instafreebie and Book Funnel accounts, making mistakes, joining Facebook promo groups, making more mistakes, and getting the word out there. I wanted the people who read my genre people to know that that somewhere among those 30 million books on Amazon, I have one too.  

December came around and I decided to write a short story called Definition of Lust with the intention of sending it to my lovely reviewers and email subscribers. It came in at 9.5k words and it was completed so close to the wire that I sent it out on Christmas morning before everybody came downstairs. To those of you who downloaded it, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. I know I spelt ‘throwing’ as ‘throating’ (not sure where that came from!) Sorry about that! It’s been corrected now. If you spot anything else, please let me know and I’ll change it.  

Definition of Lust is about Sian, Scarlett’s best friend. Everybody loves her. She’s Scarlett’s best friend and when she isn’t orbiting around her world, believe it or not, she has her own life. I gave her a bittersweet weekend she won’t forget.  It’s a standalone story but it’s probably best read after Flawed.

Thanks to my reviewers!

What I’m really amped over are the fab reviews Flawed has been getting. I’ve been reaching out to reviewers and there are so many people out there willing to help me – an unknown British author.  It’s pretty fab, actually, and humbling! If you downloaded Flawed and it’s languishing on your TBR pile, it’s a short read coming in at 38k words. This one is fighting above its weight though because it’s a novella that thinks it’s a novel. If you haven’t already, a review would be lovely. Just sayin’, <large grin>   

This year’s plan … 

Okay so this is the plan and I’m having sleepless nights wondering how I can do it, but I promise to give it my best shot. Definition of Stripped is the next book in series. It’s Book One and this will be released on 5 March 2018.  It will be going into pre-production ARC editing next week. Call me daft but I intend to release Craving, Redemption, and Absolution every month after that. 

I created a Facebook group called Lia’s Lair – The Home of Lia Peele’s Imagination – especially for everybody who enjoys my writing. Please click the link above and join me. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s a little lonely over there on my own, lol!   

My last snippet of news is that I’ve had a book trailer of Definition of Stripped made and I’ve dropped it underneath. I actually squealed when I saw it. Thanks to Elisabeth at Books Go Social for organising this for me. It rocks!





Indie Author WIP

Forgive me for I have sinned. It’s a year since my last blog post

Unforgiveable, I know. I’m a soon-to-be self published indie author and everybody tells me I should maintain a social media presence, starting with a blog. I’m actually a little ashamed of myself, that I haven’t posted for so long. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything in that time. Just the opposite, in fact. 

Life changing decision number one

I resigned from my day job at the end of November 2016 and left work on 2 December. Three of my colleagues were made redundant, leaving me to pick up the pieces, I lasted six weeks. Every day was hellish.  Waking up on 2 December in a liberated state of mind was the most amazing feeling. It was closely followed by, ‘Oh my God. What have I done?’ Luckily, I’m married to an amazingly supportive guy who is behind me every step of the way.

I didn’t adapt to my new circumstances in December because of the festivities, but when everybody went back to work in January, I faced my new reality of living a solitary existence between 8 and 5.  It didn’t take long for me to adjust. The first hour, maybe? 

Focusing on writing, making connections, and watching webinars is easier when there are no other distractions. I’ve learned so much about self publishing from people who got there first, and spend their time showing the rest of us the way. People like Joanna Penn, Nick Stephenson, Derek Murphy, Chandler Bolt, Jesse Krieger, Debbie Drum, Paula Wynne, Barb Drozdowich. I could add so many more people, but I’d run out of space.  

So what else have I done?

Discovered UDEMY who have courses for every subject you can think of. I bought into the BC Stack, and a wealth of resources came my way. I still haven’t used most of them, but they’re there for when I need them. 

Discovered Alli, the Alliance of Independent Authors. Haven’t needed to use their services yet, apart from dipping into the FB group now and then. I quite like having the badge on my website, though. 

Discovered how to create a podcast. I planned to start one in September, but that didn’t happen. It’s still on my list of things to do, but it’s slipped because writing and editing is taking priority. 

Discovered the Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook universe. I love Twitter and tweet every day. Facebook is fab for writer groups and promotional opportunities. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had help from those groups. Pinterest is my favourite. Click on my link, and it’ll take you to my boards. I love looking for images and music that represent the characters in the Definition series.  

Life changing decision number two

It’s not really life changing, but it certainly added stress to my life. At the beginning of the year my  Definition series was a trilogy. Then it became a tetralogy. Now it’s a pentalogy with the addition of Definition of Flawed as a prequel novella, and this will be launched late October/early November. Definition of Redemption is the final book in the series. I felt that Absolution’s ending was too rushed and I owed it to the character’s to split it out and add a fourth book.  

It’s almost a year since making my decision to sacrifice my salary, and quite honestly, I haven’t looked back. Not many people (in the UK, anyway) can say they go to work in their shorts, but I can, and do. I love my life!


UK erotica author would love to talk

Well hello out there,

It’s true … I would love to talk to you. Can I lIt’s been a while since my last blog post so I thought it was about time I updated it.

So what have I been doing?  Well … I opened up a Goodreads account and have been making friends on there.  I decided to offer my services as a beta reader and it’s amazing how easily you can make new friends. t’s great speaking to Mia from Hawaii, Elodie from Austria, Jen from Canada, Sophie from the US.  All of us write.  So far I’ve beta’d for Mia on one book, and I’m steadily working through number two.  Elodie’s is next, then Jen’s.  If I take someone’s work on, I take my responsibility to them very seriously and aim to meet the deadlines they give me.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, for example, in my day job I got back to work on Monday after a week’s holiday to find the department I work in slashed by three people and I’m the only one left. I miss them and when people ask  if I’m doing their work, I have to take it on the chin and get on with it.  When real life shakes you by the shoulders it’s difficult to immerse yourself in an alternative world but I have to keep in mind that my time is my time and leave work at work, behind the turnstile.

I’d like to leave you with one thought.  Learn from my mistake

After self-editing book one, ruthlessly, or so I thought I handed it over to be professionally edited in May. een marinating since then, while I re-structured and edited book two.  If anyone reads this, don’t do the same as me.  If you’re writing a trilogy, as I am, and you want to simultaneously release them, as I do, I’d suggest you do this.

Prune them yourself, do the re-writes, have them beta’d and THEN have them edited.  I’ve now made so many changes in book one as a result of the structural changes I made in book two, I’ve wasted my money.  Here endeth the sermon 🙂